How to apply


The CAR Program requires a minimum six-month commitment from the agency to engage with the program’s SMEs and embedded analysts. This program can be administered to agencies through in-person support, remote support, or a hybrid option of both. The selected agencies will work with the CAR program team to customize the best fit for their jurisdiction. An initial assessment of crime analysis capabilities will be conducted upon acceptance into the CAR Program. In addition, CAR program SMEs will assess each agency’s data systems (e.g., computer-aided dispatch and records management system) as well as other available data to be used in crime analysis.


Application to the CAR Program is open to interested jurisdictions with

  1. A signed Statement of Interest acknowledging senior executive (e.g., police chief or sheriff) support to establish or enhance crime analysis capacities and capabilities;
  2. A jurisdiction with precipitous increases in crime, including violent or non-violent;
  3. Willingness to participate in a data analysis and systems capacity assessment;
  4. Willingness to meet regularly with BJA and the Project Team as determined; and
  5. Provide feedback to the Project Team throughout the CAR Program.

Eligible departments should complete the Application for Embedded Crime Analyst Support through our website.

This is a competitive selection process. BJA and the CAR TTA team will select agencies using quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Application Instructions

  1. Fill out Application (link to application)
  2. Provide a statement of support from agency’s chief executive
  3. Complete capacity assessment