Crime Analyst in Residence Program

Building capacity in law enforcement

Program Overview

The Bureau of Justice Assistance Crime Analyst in Residence (CAR) program is designed to help law enforcement agencies expand their use of data analysis and analytics to manage their operations and practices.

Using a hybrid approach of onsite and virtual technical assistance, the CAR Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Team will help law enforcement agencies integrate tailored crime and data analysis practices, products, tools, and information more fully into their daily operations and crime reduction efforts.

The CAR TTA Team will work closely with the program participants to assess and build their capacity to solve cases, identify crime patterns, develop problem-solving approaches, and implement crime-reduction strategies.

Crime analysis goes beyond what you know about crime patterns and problems to uncover what you don’t know.

CAR program Benefits and Services

Partnership Building

Crime Analysis

Gun and Gang Violence


Program Evaluation

Data Management

Risk/Needs Assessments

Peer Exchanges

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Participant Testimonials

Chief Morales, Fitchburg (WI) Police Department

Following 9/11, the nation identified the need to share and analyze the information as fundamental to prevent terrorism and threats to national security. Today, our communities find themselves in a similar situation, with a need to analyze and share information regionally to effectively address concerning trends in crime and disorder. Unfortunately, as many communities struggle to adequately fund and staff public safety, data analysis, and information sharing suffer. This is a good time to bring in crime analysts and the need to understand regional crime patterns is pressing.


I learned more about how to use MS Excel from the CAR Program than in a formal MS Excel training!

More Sites are joining the CAR program

This is under development and we look forward to more postings here as additional sites join the CAR program.

Chief William Jessup: South Milwaukee Police Department, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Many smaller law enforcement agencies struggle to make good deployment decisions based on limited information, and when I joined the South Milwaukee Police Department, I noticed that this lack of actionable intelligence was a weakness we needed to address.  In January, 2023 we were accepted into BJA’s Crime Analyst in Residence Program (CAR) and for the first time we received the training we needed to make use of our existing data.  With the assistance of our embedded analyst, Amanda Bruner, and with the support of Project Manager, Kaitlin Moloney, our agency is now able to extract data and create reports that help us make better tactical and strategic decisions.  And, this program did not require the purchase of expensive software products; they simply taught us to leverage existing data and trained our members to make sense of this information.  I would highly recommend this program to departments that want to be more effective and efficient in identifying crime patterns and trends.  Thank you to the CAR team for this exceptional training opportunity!