Vivian Elliott

Vivian Elliott is an expert in criminal justice and emergency preparedness. She specializes in law enforcement organizational reform; after-action analysis; training and technical assistance; and exercise planning, facilitation and evaluation.

At CNA, she serves as the project director for the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Public Safety Partnership, and she is an analyst on use of force for the Chicago Independent Monitoring Team. By providing law enforcement agencies with training and technical assistance, she helps them implement and evaluate strategies, assess their organizational capacities, build effective partnerships, and develop policies and procedures. Elliott has received CNA’s Safety and Security Principles Award and CNA’s Safety and Security Initiative Award.

Prior to joining CNA, Elliott conducted forensic research for the FBI, where she received an award for her exceptional contributions to the FBI’s forensic science research initiatives.

Elliott has a master’s degree in molecular biotechnology from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and molecular biotechnology from the University of California, Davis.